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Why Are Canadians’ In $1.94 Trillion Of Debt?


Canadian Debt

With the US $1.33 trillion and the UK at £0.82 trillion, Canadians' have some of the highest debt at $1.94 trillion (figures have been adjusted inline with population). 

There are numerous reasons as to why consumers get in debt. Car loans, mortgages, lines of credit are all ways most people get into debt at some point in their lives. Now not all debt is bad debt, if you're hoping for the perfect credit score that is. 

So why do Canadians' have so much debt? Check out the infographic below: 

Infographic Why Are Canadians $1.94 Trillion In Debt

What do you think? Is Canadian Debt as bad as it sounds or is it part of the Canada's growing population? Post your comments below or hit share on the bar above!

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