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Is G2A Safe?

G2A: Real, Legit and Safe – How Does It Work?


G2A.COM - Is It Safe And How Does It All Work?

Real - Yes. Legit - Yes. Value - Unbeatable! It was a few years ago I stumbled across and found that the digital downloads they sold were much cheaper than buying direct from Steam or UPlay. Naturally, I felt like asking the question: Is G2A safe, legit and how does it work? 

The website acts as an online marketplace, an eBay for Game/CD keys. Sellers avoid unnecessary costs with traditional brick and mortar stores and can sell digital downloads direct to consumers. The grey area is where these keys actually come from. 

Sellers like World_of_games above are rated by people that have previously purchased games, much like how you would rate a merchant on eBay. From the seller above, out of 896767 rating 99% were positive. I actually found a merchant selling the key for slightly cheaper and went ahead and ordered. Within seconds of processing the payment via PayPal I received the following email:

Once I clicked "Get your key" I was redirected to my G2A account and completed a verification. My game/CD key was displayed. I entered that into UPlay (Ubisoft's versions of steam) and viola! All works as intended, no issues whatsoever. G2A is legit and that's how it works!

Something to note: Some games/CD Keys are region specific meaning you can only play them in certain countries. Look for the symbols and confirm before purchasing if you are buying for the right region. If the game shows no region it means the key can be used and played anywhere. If in doubt, G2A has an online chat function to guide you through the process.

What's G2A Shield? 

You do have an option to pay for G2A Shield which protects you as a buyer in case the key you receive doesn't work for some reason. As the buyer had such high ratings, I opted not to pay the $4.24 protection. If you still have reservations about using, you can opt for this protection where they will refund you a game where the key does not work. If you find the product online cheaper elsewhere, they will match the price when choosing G2A Shield.  

Why So Cheap?

How can G2A be safe and legit when games are so cheap? Lets face it, I could have bought Rainbow Six: Siege PC for $69.99 form the Ubisoft Store, instead I bought it for only $23.14 from It's unclear why the games/CD keys are so cheap but with a 100% guarantee by with their "G2A Shield" you can't go wrong. 

With endorsements from PayPal & Razer you can be sure G2A is safe and legit.

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