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Cheapest Deal Battlefield 1 Canada


Battlefield 1 Deal For Only $63.99

Only a few days away until release (21 Oct) and I have a great deal to share with you. There is a lot of information about the best deal on Battlefield 1 for the US but how about the best deal for battelfield 1 in Canada?

Battlefield 1 takes gamers back to World War 1 putting them in bi-planes, on top of horses, and on battlefields that stretch from Italy to Africa. And like all Battlefield titles, it’ll feature tons of destruction and wide open maps that encourage creativity.

One deal is through is through Origin/EA directly: It's Origin Access or EA Access and is a subscription service. It allows you to play 10 hours of Battlefield 1 among other games in the "vault" as a trial. The great thing is that you get 10%off most of EA games instantly! 

Most people are singing up for $5 and then buying Battlefield 1 with 10% off ($72) and then cancelling EA/Origin Access right away. For the effort you'll save $3 but still get a month's access to EA/Origin Access.

​Now lets get to the juicy part...

​OK so it involves signing up to Amazon Prime for $79 per year. Already have it? Even better. Amazon are offering 20% off certain game pre-orders and will honour orders already placed. Amazon will also apply 20% discount for up to 2 weeks after release!

Amazon Prime offers many benefits in addition to 20% some games. You also benefit from:​

  • Free express delivery on 1000's of items (now offering same day delivery in some Canadian cities such as Vancouver, BC)
  • Unlimited photo cloud storage
  • Additional discounts of family products such as 20% Pampers diapers 

So that's the cheapest deal on Battlefield 1 in Canada at only $63.99 for Xbox One / PS4 / PC

Know of any other Battlefield 1 deals in Canada? Let us know in the comments below!

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